History of the Central Pride Foundation

The Central Pride Foundation is a 503 c 3 non-profit corporation founded in 2004 to support academics and organizations at the school.    The founding Trustees were seeking resources beyond taxpayer dollars for new and innovative activities to enhance the educational experience for the students.

The founders firmly did not seek to supplant the regular school budget and the charter does not allow for the purchase of ordinary supplies or textbooks.  Funds are targeted for technology and support of co-curricular and extracurricular activities to include various fees and transportation.

Since the humble beginnings in 2004, the Foundation has raised more than $120,000 for the students at the school.  Each year there are a variety of fund raising events and donations have been made be classes holding reunions and special contributors.

Teachers and club advisors can seek funding through a simple application which is considered and voted upon by the Board of Trustees.  In the past six months, the Foundation has financed requests from the Art, Science, Music, Physical Education Departments and Amnesty International, Mock Trial Team,  The Little Green newspaper, Maskers and the Aglaia yearbook.


Mission of the Central Pride Foundation

  • Purchase technology for Central High School that will benefit all students.
  • Support student academic competitions and field trips.
  • Supplement the purchase of academic materials.
  • Support student publications and productions.
  • Sponsor student showcase events.
  • Arrange for and fund guest speakers and lecturers.
  • Fund and enhance academic activities at Central High School that improve the educational experience.